Individual student needs are best addressed at the school level by the people closest to the student; accordingly, the School Board should respect the autonomy of charter schools and safeguard their programmatic independence. At the same time, the School Board must consistently hold schools accountable for meeting the academic, operational and financial standards established by the School Board.

The Pledge: School Board members must commit to the following actions:

(1) The School Board will protect school autonomy in policy and action;

(2) The School Board will establish academic, operational and financial standards that apply to all schools;

(3) The School Board will support the Superintendent’s role as a regulator, holding schools accountable for meeting these performance standards; and

(4) As the charter authorizer, the School Board consistently will act upon the Superintendent’s recommendations, including the approval, renewal and revocation of charter agreements, in adherence with the Board’s established policies and performance standards.

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