All students should have fair and open access to diverse and high quality public school options. This access applies equally to disadvantaged and exceptional needs students. Enrollment should be accessible, easily understandable, and inclusive of all public schools in New Orleans. Who gets in a school – and stays in a school – should not be subject to manipulation.

The Pledge: School Board members must maintain or create policies that ensure the following:

(1) Information on school-choice options is easily accessible, timely and clearly communicated to parents;

(2) All schools participate in a common enrollment system that continues to provide neighborhood and sibling preferences, have transparent admission processes, and provide student transportation;

(3) All schools participate in the centralized Student Hearing Office, which includes disciplinary and expulsion standards, hearings and safety screenings;

(4) Specific protocols for investigating and resolving complaints against schools; and

(5) All early-childhood school seats are accessible through a citywide enrollment process.

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