Increasing the number of high-quality seats available for New Orleans’ public school children is paramount. While the quality of public education steadily has improved, the percentage of students attending chronically low-achieving or failing schools is still too high. The School Board must remain committed to continually increasing the opportunities for all students to receive a high-quality education through recruiting, supporting and expanding high-performing school operators and replacing consistently low-performing operators.

The Pledge: School Board members must:

(1) Require an annual report from the Superintendent on the percentage of students attending schools, by state quartile rank;

(2) Establish Superintendent performance criteria, via contract, that requires an identified annual increase in the percentage of students attending schools ranked in the top two quartiles of the state and a decrease in the percentage of students attending schools ranked in the bottom quartile of the state;

(3) Adopt a policy setting single-operator enrollment at 15% of district-wide seats to ensure a diverse group of school operators; and

(4) Require that any school Corrective Action Plan be presented to the parents of that school within 30 days of the plan being approved by the School Board.

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