Forward New Orleans for Public Schools calls for the elected members of the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB or School Board) to equitably serve all public school students in Orleans Parish.

It is our expectation that the State eventually will return the Recovery School District (RSD) schools to the OPSB under terms that support the continued improvement of public schools. However, Forward New Orleans for Public Schools does not seek to resolve the question of governance or control. By virtue of the OPSB’s authority over taxes, bonds, and facilities for all public schools, it has significant opportunity to support the progress of every child in a public school. Regardless of school district, school type, or ultimate governance structure, the OPSB must use its authority and resources equitably to enhance the likelihood of success for all public school students. This holds true for now and in the future, when schools are united under OPSB control.

Forward New Orleans for Public Schools will seek a pledge from each School Board candidate to implement the six specific action items discussed below plus a seventh requiring each member to abide in every action by the guiding principles of fairness and equity for all public schools and all public school students. Before the School Board election, we will report publicly on each candi- date’s response to our request for a pledge. After the election, School Board members bound by a pledge to Forward New Orleans for Public Schools will be held accountable for their promises. We will monitor performance and periodically report publicly on progress in fulfillment of the pledges.

Accordingly, School Board members must pledge to develop and adopt formal policies (or amend existing policies, where applicable) to serve all public schools and students with equal commit- ment including, but not limited to, the issues in this website and our brochure (pdf).


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